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Dark Lo - Blow out 2 lyrics

[Ar Ab]
I'm still stuffin' clips till the tip top
I'm watching bricks drop in a big pot
And f** a bodyguard, give me a big Glock
I come through, shootin' like Rick Fox
I put 10 grand on you f**s heads
And murda don't talk, he just bust heads
I was 18 when I touched bread
62's jump like Spud Webb
Just paid a bigger clip and a smaller uzi
This (?) will turn your house to a horror movie
I pray to God I look my shooter in his eyes
Take him for a ride and shoot him 30 times
Lets talk about Glocks, I got the whole collection
But this 44. desert is a bone collector
Whoever told your mom to hide a 100 racks
And it was 10 grand short, and you want it back
I bought my first brick, and I ain't wanna rap
The coke in the pot doing jumping-jacks
I had a dream I f**ed 2 b**hes
And then I woke up and f**ed 2 b**hes
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When I made a 100 grand I said I will quit
But I made a 100 grand and bought another brick
I pledge allegiance to the baking soda
My whole squad eatin' of this plate of yola
You see the hustle like it's no tomorrow
In the kitchen 'bout to whip it like a stolen car
Remember when the pot broke and wasted the crack?
Had to rob 10 n***as just to make it back
You don't know what I did just to make a stack
I used to sell n***as coke, then take it back
I was fighting murda in 06
Now I'm at 40 to a whole brick
Need a contract like Drew Brees
Or I'ma quit rap, and buy 2 keys
Whoever made a model get on two knees
And she don't get up until you leave
Just gave 10 grand to a golddigger
I don't care, that's the profit of the whole chicken
So when it's rappin' time, I get the heckler 9
Knock on your mom door, and shoot her 7 times

[Dark Lo]

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