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Dark Angel - IT FEELS GOOD lyrics

It feels good to be back like an a**ylum gown strap
It feels great to be me like alexander my grand father
This is the place to be like i had an appointment
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I needed this like my breath peace of mind like am in yoga but am so stiff like am jointless,now am making joints and getting high like am hosana,everything on fire am osama and of course i can am obama dont dare me like am a god or i will kick yua a** 22 times like football
Am feeling great i dont walk i float around like aladins mat
Omnipresent like am dust
You see am back to ooowsome back to brilliance leading by example like a matyr it feels so goood like blood am a vampire its so great see me from space dwarfing the great wall am back like another day :-) :-) ;-

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