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Darian Carter - Turning Point lyrics

[Intro: MRA (Black Genesis)]
Alright so y'all made it to the middle of the tape
It's the turning point
About to go from innocence into experience
But first I need to take a little break
Go take a sh** shower shave
And you know I got the n***as
AiR Twerxes cAb and $pliff
They're gonna entertain y'all
So you know they just gonna throw down
It's about to go down
So I'ma just go ahead and walk out
And these n***as are pretty much gonna handle up
Aire you're up first

[Verse 1: BR AiR]
Everyday it's poppin' off in my city no lie
n***as'll chop they brother wings off just to be fly
Little Danny tryna be in the condo in the sky
Tryna move up tryna get a slice of that pie
Five years in the game man he could give a f** if he die
Four five on his side and the other side a nine
On his neck that freeze on his wrist that shine
Front pockets full of pills back pocket got pine
Phone had missed calls and messages from dimes
Moving product with his goons [?] crimes
He was tired of ducking and dodging and f**ing
One time so f** it this time he say
When the dicks buss there's I'ma buss mine
They pulled up and pulled out
Ain't get a shell off but he tried
Asphalt facin' gravel tastin'
Little Danny felt his soul climb
Heard his goons cry
He ain't even get a chance to say bye
From good to bad to ugly
From sweet to taint to funky
From angels to average to addicts tryna feed a monkey
[?] drug life so junky
Little Danny

[Verse 2: Twerxes]
It's your boy twerxes
And I do everything that you won't do
And I gotta come through with my damn crew
SSE man like a damn jungle chimpanzee
That be me on tv when I do what I do
When the booty rockin' I ain't stoppin'
I'ma come in man get a zit poppin'
Get this sh** poppin' like a mother f**in'
Soda can b**h I'm the man
I got a minivan and a big a** truck
Mother f**er want that n***a get stuck with a s**er
And I had to hit him with the f**ers
That's a mother f**in' nunchucker
Like a Bruce Lee n***a
Talk that sh** n***a that's that picture
What's that picture that's that n***a

[Verse 3: cAb]
Yeah it goes from good to bad and bad to worse
n***a not making ends tryna steal the purse
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By the end of the day he'll be due for a hearse
But then it gets worse a n***a down the block
Put his brother in the dirt I know his heart hurt
He's feeling like the worst but the worst is yet to come
Cause my story just begun
Yeah story of some young n***as
Hanging on blocks slanging rocks like pitchers
Ones an artist and he only tryna draw pictures
Small fellow and he kept it hella mellow
Inconsistent like Mello and that's where he f**ed up
Out of luck in the cut n***as mugged up
Any lack of trust can lead to a bust
And they know that so they won't hold back
You for one know that
That they hold gats and they aim at the hat
Headshot dreadlocks won't protect that
And fact is a fact that you not bulletproof
Beware what the bullets do I know
n***as packing tools to the f**ing show
Say he living by the code
Can't trust a n***a even if he could throw
And I'll be dropping bombs
So much sh** going on find it hard to stay calm
But I'ma find a way f** what you tryna say
Got the blueprint floor plans build another day
Turnaround and spit the flames in his f**ing face
Light shining you incinerate the place
Minus the black burner on my f**ing waist
And lay siege 'til your saving grace

[Verse 4: $pliff]
Turn nothing into something
Kinda like magic abracadabra
Taking trips to saturn
Just to escape madness
Taught myself how to make cash the fastest
Get it and make it stretch elastics
These n***as is plastic
Can't hold under pressure fold under pressure
I make a diamond turn into gold under pressure
You [?] too toxic for you to sniff
Better try as best as you can
To stay in sync with the plan
b**h I'm the man on tv and demand
You gotta pay per view
The game ain't for you like two plus two
I'll make lunch out of you
I'm like captain crunch with the flu
Serial k**er colder than ice vanilla
[?] what me and bros putting on instrumentals
I'm a tuba you a fiddle
Came up now we hotter than griddles
I'm not tryna belittle you
But this spit is ma**ive seek out these [?]
b**hes get struck like matches
Throwing game like madden
Cause I'm a savage and that's madness

[Outro: MRA (Black Genesis)]
Woo alright as I said it's the turning point
We're about to go from innocence into experience
So stay tuned

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