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Darian Carter - Torrent lyrics

[Intro: cAb]
Soul System my n***a

[Verse 1: cAb]
Yeah break rules n***a don't let them break you
Make the news now them b**hes gotta pay you
Make mistakes I do they can't relate
They ain't got this type of mind state
That make the black mind great
I ain't talking about the crime rate
n***as irate getting sick of the hate
We just wait on the day that we can migrate
Until then taking shelter next to my place
Making sure the rent free for the tenant
At the same time no word from the senate
They know we in it ignore the image
We need help cut the check start rebuilding
Cars in the street left unattended
sh**s wicked that's what's got me on a mission
Seen a vision in a dream
Getting lifted with the team
Not to mention
Spit it vivid they ain't get it
n***as must be kidding

[Interlude 1: cAb]
Man my uncle had to pull out his boat
To go up in Monticello to get my auntie
And my grandma man
sh**s crazy we ain't never seen nothing like this around here

[Verse 2: MRA (Black Genesis)]

Have you ever seen your house when it look possessed
What you know about water rising to your chest
Second story apartments got baptized
Stilt houses breaking ties what that mean for the rest
Destruction and some stress
This the storm where you end up in the street
With a backpack and a dream
Your new car's been sent
Down the back of the stream
This'll tear down the fabric of your home
And wash away all the seams
Can never get it back and it seems
That we ain't as together as you may think
People up north sh** on the words of my writ
Saying we deserve every last drop of this sh**
Just because we chose to live in this backwood pit
Wait ain't y'all got snowstorms tornados and sh**
Wait never mind I can't use that logic
On the cats who said that
It's an empty deposit
And I need all the grit I can get
My grandma's home got four feet of the sh**
Heard word that it never flood where it hit
Off of hearing that I know her insurance was sh**

[Interlude 2: MRA (Black Genesis)]
I left work early to go to Monticello
While my grandma was stuck in there
I got a call from my auntie
They both back there with water up to they waist
Can't even get to them [?]

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[Verse 3: Ax]
And you don't know our pain
You don't see how far we came
Katrina came through part two and sh**
We just gonna rebuild [?]
So put it in your brain
Every time we bring it up
Man it's right back down
Right back down never back down
Like the white man films
That they show to our little black kids
And they like to sell us sh** on the CNN
About how you n***a just ain't gonna win
And every time you think you do that's [?]
And they'll treat your a** like f**ing Jeremy Lin
He's an asian he don't know what he doing
My n***a we all just f**ing humans
Ain't no limits of my man
Ain't no limits of my woman
Y'all b**h n***as need to just fix the plumbing
Cause a n***as shouldn't die
Cause the sh** just rain
f** y'all n***as y'all don't know what y'all saying
Build a f**ing city that can stand my n***a
Quit going off and dropping bombs on Iran n***a
Got damn y'all don't care about a n***a why don't you
We a part of your culture
You wouldn't have made it without us
Y'all don't f**ing care about us

[Interlude 3: cAb]
Yeah man I know them motherf**ers don't care bruh
But I got something for them
Some hot bars for them
Check this out

[Verse 4: cAb]
Hey hey yo what the f** is going on
My luck was going strong
Until I picked up the phone
Knew something was wrong
Gla** house I'm the last n***a casting the stone
28 grams getting blown I'm in the zone
So what we talking about
I got the call
Now a n***a knocking out the walls in grammy's house
Surreal sh** the realness I feel it
So many memories it's hard for me to deal with
A common enemy everybody gonna feel this
Yeah snapping picks of the bullsh**
Meetings at the pulpit
She wanna get saved
Little did I know that that sh** was a stage
Just like every other n***a they just tryna get paid
I'ma speak on it
And if nobody else will
I'ma preach on it
Extend my reach
Touch the streets homie
And make it rain on the powers that be

[Outro: cAb]
On the powers that be
The powers that be
f** them

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