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Darian Carter - The Spirit lyrics

[Verse 1: cAb]
Rain rain riding on waves
Hang ten caught sight of the graves
By the Rite Aid
n***as tripping cause they
Shut down the highway
I'm getting high
Just look at my eyes
Real low got blow
If you looking to buy
Her running nose show
She down to ride
They always looking surprised
Until I spit a few lines
And get them high
A lot of sh** on my mind
n***a that's why I'm gripping the nine
Spit clips at a b**h if he mentioning mine
I don't miss the flow sick I'm focused
Back in '06 they told me it was hopeless
2016 got big dreams
And none of this sh** is really what it seems
Did it for the cream
Do it for my n***as locked in penitentiary
Like mother f** the enemy

[Interlude: MRA (Black Genesis)]
Oh hi you said you lost your house in the
You lost your house in the flood
Okay well what I need you to do
Is go take a lot of pictures
And we'll see what we can do
Oh you say you have the list
Oh well you lost all of this
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Well that's nothing more than a box of tissues
Here here you go

[Verse 2: Ax]
The reaper keeper calling
I will not answer
Keeper of the cauldron
Bubbling and prancing
Never come into the lake
With visions of dancing
Tell him hell no
My soul ain't for ransom
City on it's knees
In needs of a hero
I am the villain
My f**s at zero
Y'all don't understand
I don't give a f** about the people
Y'all don't understand
I don't give a f** about the people
Man but I do
But the FEMA trucks just won't do
[?] time [?] news is the cure for the blues
Them saying we lost it is only half of the true
Said y'all should get up man y'all should just move
n***a we should just move
Don't y'all see the bullsh** we put through
Don't y'all understand we skipping out of school
Just to sell a little d** that y'all push to the fools
Say we just move
Y'all n***as don't understand what y'all do
Y'all n***as don't understand whole foods
Food stamps tryna eat with the mother f**ing [?]


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