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Darian Carter - Reality lyrics

Every move you make is your own
Yours and yours alone
Every move you make is of your own accord
Never put into question
Who it is in control of what you do or who you are
With that being said, I present to you...

[Verse 1: MRA]
The black Cadillac of rap
Accompanied by the modern sax and the musical rat pack
But don't clap
Time to disconnect
Time to rearrange
Time to disrespect
The ref of common steps
To common lives time to 85
Instead of 86
Time for individuals to pry into the mix
If you don't understand then take this
Take a sip then scream this

We'll be real to the f**ing d**h
'Til the bullets hit our chest
We on deck and we do the damn thing respect
To the high my n***a no lie
I'm too live
I'll be high from 95
'Til barack is idolized
Skydive and drive it
Message to the pilot
My n***a it's show time

[Bridge: Ax]
(I fancy me a fantasy
To help escape reality
Where there's no we
It's only me
The man in which you hope to see)x2
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[Verse 2: MRA]
So it's back to the business
Put me on the front line
Rocking with a free mind
With my defenses
Left them defenseless
We'll never feel the pain we senseless
b**hes trynna take control
But we on a roll
n***as trynna troll
Reach for your soul
But it's futile our styles
Are on a new pile
Exile screaming beaming
School these heathens



[Verse 3: MRA (Black Genesis)]
And we'll be doing this forever
Got the crowds brains looking like pillows without the feathers
No need to try and warn me join me
Since I was born see
They tried to storm me
Tried to cut me off
But they forgot my thorns G
Tried to feed me scraps
Well your nig still hungry
Tried to crowd your boy
But they forgot my army
And we starving
Food ain't solving the problem
We awesome
SSE the Sick Spitting Eon son
It's starting up and you can't stop 'em
Screaming real sh** ears popping


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