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Darian Carter - Bliss lyrics

[Intro: MRA]

[Verse 1: MRA]
So let's have it
Wake up in the morning see my jacket and grab it
IPhone, iPod, and iPad it's
Looking like I got three eyes now that's magic
Walk out the door with a blunt in my mouth
The worlds looking much more brighter in the south
Got my brand new whip
And my brand new house
And all my old n***as still hanging around
Now to be honest girls aren't a necessity
But they still swarming, guess that's just how god is blessing me
2014 smelling like the seventies
House warming turning into the aftermath of ecstasy
Now that's next door guess who's next to me
I got my one girl and yes she's heavenly
Got a good girl she only 17
Beggars can't be choosers guess this works for me

[Interlude: MRA]
(Oh sh**, what's this
Hear this, that's bliss)x2

[Hook: MRA and Kentro]
(Yea so I'm tripping don't know how to act
Everything is working jus like [?] in fact
Got the money, honeys, Easter bunny you winning it fast
(This is bliss)
k**ing off the negatives and focusing on living out
The life I set ahead of me lottery feel like nothing now
Got my crew and I'm busting out
SSE know what we about
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Spittin sick excellence out
(we out))x2

[Verse 2: Ax]
There's good times, and better
Then double the effort
Now you hoping it's lasting forever
No more last ditch efforts
Of staying together
Or finding some pleasure, or treasure
Whatever it's cool here
We know it, we show it
See it in our faces
Whole lot of colors
Ain't nobody racist
Whole lot of green too
Ain't nobody chasing
Everybody got theirs
Everybody prepared for nothing cause it's all good
And it's always, for all days
Our ancestors, raised these greener pastures
Stories from the pastors
Guess it really happened
Hard to hold the laughter


[Bridge: Kentro & Twerxes]
(Sunny days and my idle ways
I'm on vacay like everyday
Nothing you can say to me
Her glowing skin holds my baby
Great big laughs and a good ol' time
No your b**h can't touch my dime
Know your b**h can't touch my dime
No your b**h can't touch mine)x3

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