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Darian Carter - 40 Days lyrics

[Intro: cAb]
Welcome to Dead Town

[Verse 1: cAb]
Yeah ice souls cold flow with the lights low
k**ing with the villain and the MRA be the maestro
Trickle on the ceiling escalating to a light roar
Yeah swear I came prepared I seen it coming
Sitting in my chair rolled directly out [?]
Cops hit you with the stare but I ain't saying nothing
All cause my nappy hair he going zero to a hundred
Always getting blunted
Fly sh** took her made her my b**h
Aviator shades I'm the pilot
Flying through the storm
Thunder rumble wonder when the end is coming
20 days straight man he must've left the water running
2012 was late I'm so sorry for the wait
Lately devastation turned our nation into states
Completely separating what they claim to make us great
Lord if it ain't about the money and your race
Cops think it's funny when they f**ing up your day
Pistol in my face they just praying for the case
Preying on us everyday to make it hard to get away
Chain smoking just to deal with the commotion
How we supposed to cope
When they saying that it's hopeless
I ain't on no hoe sh** from the south coast
Got the toast real close
Watch me pull up on a cop like


[Verse 2: cAb]
Young rebel about whatever
No matter what the weather
Still a battle with the devil
I ain't never gone break
Or fold under pressure
Despite lightning striking
And the rising water levels
Lies tried to tell us
Hurts me the worse
Spit a verse in reverse
Just to deal with the curse
Had to come first
Pave the way in the dirt
Got me searching everyday
For our place on this Earth

[Verse 3: Ax]
Knock knock fear the n***a from the sky
Everybody here know you n***as gonna die
Know you n***a gonna die
Don't give a f** if a n***a gonna cry
And I know y'all all in the stuff
Y'all all in the rough
Y'all been about the bluffs
Snow in the bluff
Y'all see that sh** rough
You see the n***as there
You see that sh** tough
n***a ain't tough when that sh** despair
When he see his grandmama all in the wheelchair
And she can't f**ing swim but the thing don't care
Cause the things don't care when they smell feelings there
And the demons all in them
The demons gonna get him
But them demons don't know
That the n***as don't get them
And the n***as don't get it
n***as on the street
n***as on the corner and they trynna feel meek
Try to have some heart in your mother f**ing chest
But you don't have nothing cause the sh**s for the ref
And the sh** calling foul every time the sh** come down
And you n***as ain't knowing where you at now
Cause you n***as gonna drown you n***as can't swim
Why the f** they show our sh** all over CNN
n***as don't give a f** about us
Crackers go ahead man try and hit us with the dust
Mother f** a FEMA check
Don't give a mother f**
f** y'all n***as y'all ain't never gave a mother f**
I said f** y'all n***as y'all ain't never gave a mother f**
All this bullsh** we all in the same stuff
And the sh** still too rough
And the sh** still corrupt
All these mother f**ers trynna talk like they know something
All these mother f**ers coming at me like they know me
But you don't know cause you've never the homie
[?] n***a

[Verse 4: MRA (Black Genesis)]

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Sugar from the neighbors
Koolaid then I put the pen to the paper
Bandaid when I got the bars going major
First aid kit needed when the verse made hit
The track in the back of its intermission I'm vicious
I'm the n***a peddling soul's mission and wisdom
Yeah it's steady raining and I'm still ringing house to house
They invite me in they ears while they sitting on the couch
Whether it was streamed downloaded paid or word of mouth
Baby call your friends today the day the word is out
SSE gonna tell us what it's all about
In the season of the nonstop rain
They gone bring the pain (Dog dog you drive your lady insane)
Now before you go and catch a toe tag
You should think about getting some sandbags
And ready your red flag
It's still steady rising it's steadfast
I hope your kids can swim
Cause water don't discriminate
Noah gone n***a
Ain't no guarantee you procreate
Yeah it may be nothing now
But water can consolidate
Watch it raise the murder rate
Tearing down your whole estate
n***a ain't evacuate
Wave to Peter at the gate
Soul system delegate
Hope the bars lacerate
So maybe we can congregate
Maybe we can find a way
Maybe we can take the day
Maybe we ain't gotta wait
And wonder where's the love
n***a word to Don Hathaway
Remove your mask let it lay
f** the vans f** the j's
Saint Laurent levy's
Hilfiger that sh** from ‘Ye
Lamborghini angels
Huayras and stingrays
I know it's gone be hard
That's why I brought some bengay
I'm putting the rap game on some come as you are
I ain't gotta see yo chain diamond necklace and car
You could rock a white tee sweatpants and slides
I'll still bring you on the stage as a prominent star


[Verse 5: Ax]
Melt the pain seen it all before now
All we know is all we done before now
All we seen was all in the foreground
Now it's the background
Tell us where we at now
I done felt it
Felt the pain but I never was there
Off in Humble I felt the despair
Heard my Grandma was lost in there
Couldn't do nothing man I was in the ‘tary
Military and I'm trynna feel like a cemetery
Cause the same little house that we grew up in
Is the one that's all f**ing ruined
And what we gonna do
They say are check bounced and they know we all screwed
And they know that screwed cause my aunt off in school
And she just trynna do what she f**ing has to do
She was the safe haven
Cause everybody around her man they was trynna say statements
They was just trynna say trynna make it all good
Like don't worry man them n***as safe in the hood
n***as ain't safe

[Verse 6: cAb, MRA (Black Genesis), and Ax]
Dead man rain man all in the mixes
And the pain flash plane crash all in the system
And the system Soul System is fixed in position
To help these people unlike politicians
Dirty greasy motherf**er just want your pockets
Malcolm X motherf**ers get your hands out my pockets
What's next motherf**er another lynching season huh
Think it's gonna f**ing help with the trigger squeezing huh
Think a n***a give a f** he sell crack to his mama
Ain't no father ain't no honor free your soul left to wonder
Hunger in his belly and that hunger gonna grow
n***a think his destiny is on d**h row
d**h row d**h row everybody know
When the heads gonna roll
Yeah the hands gonna go
From the top to the bottom
n***a know that's Soul
n***a know that's Soul
Ain't no love n***a no XO
When we know just how the mother f**ing sh** go

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