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Daren Jackson - Easier lyrics

Don't feel like you are alone, hey I can help you
I know these problems are hard to get yourself through
But if we work it together that'll make it easier to do

[Verse 1:]
How you doin', what's your name if you don't mind me askin'?
Jasmine? That's nice, well my name is Johnny Jaxon
And I was wondering are you possibly from Mississippi?
Because I heard you talkin' in cla** and I think your accent is really pretty, but anyway
What's your major? Oh, you're here for acting?
That's cool, I used to do plays in my city way back
When I was younger, cause I loved movies and always wanted to be in a few flicks
Is that what I'm studying here? Nah', I'm actually here for music, OH!
Look at the time, I need to get up outta here, but before I go I have to ask
I don't know anybody in this cla** and studying is quite a boring task so
Maybe we could help each other out, double up, and study together?
Sound cool to you? Alright, it's a plan, here's my cell, hit me up whenever

[Hook] (2x)

[Verse 2:]
So it's been a few weeks and our study talent's working out like medicine
Because my grades are looking better than they've ever been, is that your score too?
Dang, both of our are reflecting off each other like mirrors
Y'know I thought this cla**'d be a struggle, but I guess you just need someone to make things clearer
In fact this cla** doesn't even seem like that big of an obstacle
And also I just really love hanging out with you as much as possible
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Of all the people I've met this year we've become the closest
But recently there's something about you that I can't help but notice
I see you round campus and there seems to be sadness that you're fighting away
But then I come along and it always seems to brighten your day
I know we've cracked jokes and we're always kiddin' around
But when we're in here, when nobody can hear, I sincerely wanna know what's been getting you down

[Hook] (2x)

[Verse 3:]
Look, I know exactly how you feel right now
You wanna make 'em love you back but you just don't know how
You thought you said the perfect things in every conversation
But then he rejected you when you needed some consolation, listen
I know you'll find that man who's perfect and
When you give your love to him it'll be well worth it cause
You're so sweet, but all those jerks do it hurt you
And I don't like seeing your feelings abused by guys who don't deserve you and
Shoot, maybe I don't deserve her either
Sorry, I'm thinking about someone else right now and you see, err, well
I went through the same with this other girl, and I could hardly hide it anymore
I wanted to be with here almost holding those feelings in before, 'huh, way too long
But it's because I knew I couldn't measure, up to the guys that had more to offer
Knowing she'd find someone better, than me
And though I know my chances were never good, pray as I might
If she'd let me date her I'd appreciate her more than anyone ever would, you know what that's like, right, so


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