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Darc Mind - Rhyme Zone lyrics

"We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special news bulletin direct via satellite from our on-the-spot taskforce"

[Verse 1: Kev Roc]
I's looking fine as if the moth in the jar
The signpost up ahead, the ruin just afar
Dope-mongers endanger my chamber of speech
They beseech, I wait, incubate
Approach the light, preach
Fuming a funk, I'm banning euphoria
Asiatic, black, urban feudal warrior
On surface penetrate my realm
I'm plucking Pensacotl like maintain the helm
For hoop and true is how I like it too, so I spare you the drama
Quick like I shake at Bernie Getz, bust a cap in Joey Fama
Verbal mack. Alas, I've ashed the pimp
They tried to bust me down, but I smashed the shrimp
I bottle mental anguish in story
The nocturne poet, know it all laureate
It's like I displaced thirty seconds on the clock
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The opposition surges, I free it and get the rock
They press and try to track, but I break it with my boogie
I up-fake the veteran, cross over on the rookie
I push it up the seam, through your do as I was taught
I'm staring straight ahead, yet I see the whole court
Aflicted with the fever, I penetrate the lane
Pull up forty inches on the vertical plane
Release it on the apex, I tell the key, "Your done."
Come down a stalker's ankle as I get the "and one"
Impending doom, s**ers think they've got me locked in zone
I'm living from the way these brothers' ride my joan
Paper tigers exhausted, kings dethroned
All of this within my rhyme zone
(Darc Mind's got a rhyme
We're set to hit)
I got a rhyme zone
(Darc Mind's got a rhyme
We're set to hit)
[Repeat to fade]

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