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Dar - They Know lyrics

[Verse 1: D.A.R.]
I'm back and I'm better yeah I'm on my sh** again
I tried to tell them but they wasn't listening
These bars forever just like a life sentence is
That means I ain't running out
My n***a I do this I'm good and improving
Don't f** with that word of mouth don't f** with rumors
In here with no invite like I'm an intruder
This beat gone look gruesome right after I'm finished
Back in this b**h like I never left
The bars stay authentic I talk about current sh** like this the news or ESPN
I wanna be known round the globe everywhere that I go they know me like the president
I can't sell my soul but I want the gold like a pirate looking for a treasure chest
Whack rappers k**ing the game watch me resurrect

[Verse 2: Vince Exito]
All the gang know get to the money gotta get them pesos
All the b**hes runnin with it but a n***a stack and stay low
Rappers swear that they god MC's so I'm knockin off halos
APEX they can't f** with us yeah they know
Back in this b**h like a n***a left his car keys
You bitter b**hes cryin on the side with no ring like Barkey
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Middle fingers on my tombstone
Need the Benz with the roof gone
Pa**enger a model two toned
And I'm in here and I'm too on

[Verse 3: Erv Dowd]
Dowd in this b**h with some hoes
Man you know how it goes
Try to show me pictures of that b**h on instagram
Man I know how she pose
I been through that n***a I am threw with that
So out of measure I don't know where my ruler at
Rebel to the rules I give a f** where the ruler at
Tracks back to back like army men when they take a nap
Aww f** it
She wanna have my first baby aww f** it
They know they know that we all gunnin
Like we got good service all loading
If he got gold then it's all tokens
APEX predators yall rodents
Curly haired b**hes with us all smokin
Back to the telly and they all f**in

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