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Dar - Atlantic City lyrics

[Verse 1: Erv Dowd]
I was f**in her on a spring matress
Resurrecting Michael Jackson
Can't trust you yo team be lackin
Got s**ed in a car and nutted in a napkin
Oooh b**h I'm comatose
Row the boat as I hold the note
Catch the echo of that beat delay
Yo lawyer fumble he dropped the case
I'm goin in no lie to bend
No relationship just f** friends
I mean f** buddies I mean friends with benefits
f** the rules I be movin on my pivot b**h
You n***as can't get rid of it
You n***as can't get rid of it
Next summertime I'm tryna be with Lana Del Rey playing video games as she ride surprise
n***a I'm getting high we them Apex guys
Bet you want a feature but you ain't got the right
Six characters but only two letters like peepee
f** boys can't see me
Cause I'm only shown in 3D with million dollar gla**es
Guarded by everybody still won't pa** it
Where Bronson at cause I'm ready for that action
Stunt in the forefront no one looks pa** me
Go so hard man I'm so bout it
You run hills n***a I climb mountains
And my n***a D.A.R. on the track so it's kilt
Got bars the whole song n***a so it's filled
I'm the only one seen when a n***a hit the scene
Smoking little herb while I'm drinking young lean
Smoke to Lil Herb and I drink to Yung Lean
n***a I had to pawn seven pawns to get a queen
We all sip dirty but the fits all clean
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1-800-FUCK-YO-BITCH is the hotline bling

[Verse 2: D.A.R.]
Chasing million dollar dreams
I'm real close like I'm at a game with courtseats
High speed flow LTE 4G
Body thizz with my bro E-R-V team solid like concrete
Yeah we just a couple young n***as with a vision
No cake no candle so I can't be wishin
f** a handout cause personally I'd rather go get it on my own
People think that you on and start trippin
I just want the money f** the fame that it come with
Flow so hard like the song when the ba** hit
Just brothers no friends no acquaintances
If I eat yeah they eat that's what the motto is
High quality music but low tolerance
No we ain't got time for that bullsh**
They say they f** with you but it's the opposite
D.A.R. on this thang here to provide you with
A dope beat dope bars and a melody
k**ing tracks this one got the d**h penalty
I'm 100 like years in a century
It's my time no games that's a guarantee
We on our way yeah we got these n***as pissed off
We leave them puzzled like they working on a jigsaw
Waiting on the day when I can finally say
I never ever thought we all would make it this far
Hard work is you worth it
This light work we ain't even scratch the surface
It's a wrap like a body cast
Matter of fact like a Persian in a turbin, switch it up
I had to do it I'm teacher y'all student inspiring all I am an influence
I came with a purpose this beat yeah I murked it the show is over close the curtains

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