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Dar - Atlantic City lyrics

[Verse 1: Erv Dowd]
I was fuckin her on a spring matress
Resurrecting Michael Jackson
Can't trust you yo team be lackin
Got sucked in a car and nutted in a napkin
Oooh bitch I'm comatose
Row the boat as I hold the note
Catch the echo of that beat delay
Yo lawyer fumble he dropped the case
I'm goin in no lie to bend
No relationship just fuck friends
I mean fuck buddies I mean friends with benefits
Fuck the rules I be movin on my pivot bitch
You niggas can't get rid of it
You niggas can't get rid of it
Next summertime I'm tryna be with Lana Del Rey playing video games as she ride surprise
Nigga I'm getting high we them Apex guys
Bet you want a feature but you ain't got the right
Six characters but only two letters like peepee
Fuck boys can't see me
Cause I'm only shown in 3D with million dollar glasses
Guarded by everybody still won't pass it
Where Bronson at cause I'm ready for that action
Stunt in the forefront no one looks pass me
Go so hard man I'm so bout it
You run hills nigga I climb mountains
And my nigga D.A.R. on the track so it's kilt
Got bars the whole song nigga so it's filled
I'm the only one seen when a nigga hit the scene
Smoking little herb while I'm drinking young lean
Smoke to Lil Herb and I drink to Yung Lean
Nigga I had to pawn seven pawns to get a queen
We all sip dirty but the fits all clean
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1-800-FUCK-YO-BITCH is the hotline bling

[Verse 2: D.A.R.]
Chasing million dollar dreams
I'm real close like I'm at a game with courtseats
High speed flow LTE 4G
Body thizz with my bro E-R-V team solid like concrete
Yeah we just a couple young niggas with a vision
No cake no candle so I can't be wishin
Fuck a handout cause personally I'd rather go get it on my own
People think that you on and start trippin
I just want the money fuck the fame that it come with
Flow so hard like the song when the bass hit
Just brothers no friends no acquaintances
If I eat yeah they eat that's what the motto is
High quality music but low tolerance
No we ain't got time for that bullshit
They say they fuck with you but it's the opposite
D.A.R. on this thang here to provide you with
A dope beat dope bars and a melody
Killing tracks this one got the death penalty
I'm 100 like years in a century
It's my time no games that's a guarantee
We on our way yeah we got these niggas pissed off
We leave them puzzled like they working on a jigsaw
Waiting on the day when I can finally say
I never ever thought we all would make it this far
Hard work is you worth it
This light work we ain't even scratch the surface
It's a wrap like a body cast
Matter of fact like a Persian in a turbin, switch it up
I had to do it I'm teacher y'all student inspiring all I am an influence
I came with a purpose this beat yeah I murked it the show is over close the curtains

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