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Dapper Rapper - The YouNow Song lyrics

[Intro - Brent Morgan]
Woah, yeah

[Verse 1 - Brent Morgan]
Wake up, and check my phone
Gotta see whats going on
Who's trending now, who's at the top

Log in and get some bars, time to fill up the tip jar
Drop a heart, drop a like, share the broadcast
Give it all you got

[Bridge - Brent Morgan]
Take a chance and stand up, and stand out
No matter where you go
Your rules, your life, your show

[Chorus - Brent Morgan]
YouNow, YouNow
We all got something to do now
From across the world, old or young
It doesn't matter where you're coming from

YouNow, YouNow
It seems to good to be true now
A world apart, right beneath your thumbs
A place where you, can just be you, its YouNow

A woah

A place where you, can just be you, its YouNow (yeah)

[Verse 2 - Brent Morgan]
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Check in on my favorite hashtag
Found a guy singing songs wasn't half bad
Saw a cook, young magician and a teenage heartthrob too

No matter whats your cup of tea
You'll find a touch of everything
The only thing that's missing now
Is you

That's true


[Verse 3 - Dapper Rapper]
You ever been up on a journey
But couldn't find your way
Well now exists where you can have a family
Where you we can learn to grow together

Never send nobody hate and even when you feel alone we'll be here for you everyday
Because its younow baby just incase you didn't' know it
Where its cool yourself so go live its time to own it
Got a sk** got a craft, got a pa**ion time to hone it
Get featured in your hashtag
Then its really time to show it
Don't blow it because of nerves
All you gotta do is believe it set goal
Grind hard, be cool and go achieve it
You don't have to be a star, just be humble thats the secret
And get known on YouNow Where theres always vibes beating


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