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Danzey - I Need A lyrics

I need a, I need a Rari
Drippin so much sauce n***a
I ain't sorry
I need that new Lamborghini
I need that new Maserati
Hear they need me overseas
Tell em man, tell em I got it

n***a they need me, shawty they screaming
Rocking my balley, you think its a beenie?
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Let off a shot, ain't nobody seeing me
The didn't know I'm greezy
I'll shoot while I wheeley
They think cos I make music for the shawtys I won't put it on you
Cruising around in my city, watch all the youngins salute
My shawty she getting impatient she want a jet on the roof
I gotta get in the booth
Danzey man, Danzey you the truth
Black Patrone we on the way, Zone 17 they on the way
Cos Of Me on the way give me a couple of days
Damn I g-gotta get paid
I can't be flat on my face
Momma she still on my case, shawtys they still in my face

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