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Danzey - How You Do It lyrics

[Verse 1: Danzey]
They like hey
Thats Danzey
Pulled up in that shh shh
Shawty whats your name
Damnit oh oh
She swinging those hips man the shawty she looking like Marilyn

Ok, ok, yaa
They didn't want me to dab
Cos I might dab up in that b**h
To the crib, blow girl, happy birthday make a wish

Yea yea girl that's it
Ooo damn girl that's it
He didn't do it like this
Holy Moly then he hit
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[Hook: Danzey]
How you do it, how you do it
How you do it, how you do it
Danzey how you do it
Danzey how did you do it

How did you pull up in that shh
How did you f@*k that n***a bish
How did you get that venue lit
Heard the calling from the six

[Verse 2: Danzey]
They know Zey Zey got it lock
Im dabbing dabbing to the top
They tried to do me but they flopped


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