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Danzey - Holy Moly lyrics

Holy moly holy mo
Holy moly
Holy moly holy mo
Holy moly

Holy, Moly
Holy, Moly
Holy, Moly
Holy, Moly

[Verse 1: Danzey]
Holy Moly
They counting on me
I need a new foreign
Skr skr on your b**h (Skr skr)

I need that Maserati and that Bugatti and that new roley
Just hollered the plug
I sent him the dollar emoji
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Young living savage
The London edition
Word on the street
Danzey never listens
They're waiting for Cos Of Me
Ain't you heard Cos Of Me on the way

I was a nobody
Now they want to know now
Was alright at rapping
I switched up the flow now

n***as they want the bro down
I'm with Black Patrone now
Different cologne now
Sip patron then I zone



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