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Danzey - Heard About Me lyrics

Im that n***a im that mo'F@*k
The shawty they love me...

[Verse 1: Danzey]
Damn i'm that n***a that n***a
Im that n***a i'm that mo'F@*k
The shawty they love me
Yea she wanna f@*k

She heard about me, yeah yeah she heard about me
Heard they need me in the streets
Heard they need me overseas

I roll with them n***a them n***as
Yea they don't give no mo'F@*k
They told me Danzey you the realist
Tell me something new what the F@*k

Ain't that Danzey pulling up
Shawty yeah she bad as F@*k
I'm lazy so you go on top
I'll roll it while you give me top

Trying to get to the top
Cos' Police they watching the block
They watching, they watching, they watching
Tell a n***a relax, jus don't say a word
Ya ziggi ya ya ya, yee ziggi ya ya yee
Ya see ee

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Heard a, heard a, heard a, heard a
Ask your shawty your sister your uncle
Cos' they probably heard

About me, about me, about me, huh
About me, about me, about me, about me, about me

They probably heard about me
They probably heard about me
Heard about, about me

[Verse 2: Danzey]
I know n***as that don't play
They'll pull up in broad day
Fed hit the trap house, but they got the wrong place

Plug hit my celur-li-la, he took the long way
Momma she worried about me
I told her i'm ok

Danzey I don't need no n***a
Danzey I might need your ho
She didn't want to know me before
Guess who on my line

What do you want from me
You keep phoning me constantly



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