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Dante Ross - New Brooklyn (Remix) lyrics

Brooklyn, New York is our hometown!

[Verse 1: Erick Arc Elliot]
Quarter waters, all aboard the trains in the summer days
I wipe my brow with a towel from the Barclay's
Daily News I refuse to bust the paper out
So when you eating chinese food make sure you pluck the staples out
O.G, kush got me floa-ting, I sold seed
Got smoke and I don't speak, these streets never know sleep
Breezing off the avenue, the cabbie's catch a attitude
Five dollar phone chargers, but they not compatible
f** a hipster, I'm a n***a, Brooklyn born
Banned everything but the liquor, ghetto Qur'ans
I speak songs to the willing and the righteous
Might just wine for the gal in the tight dress
f** that, never disrespect a silly record
Less it's disrespecting Brooklyn, you'll get your live token
No you shouldn't, but you will, we armed and aimed to k**
Brooklyn heavy weight you'll never take us under G for real

Brooklyn, New York is our hometown!
Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop

[Verse 2 : Meechy Darko]
Dollar van to the j**elry man
Something like a grand for these gold fangs, I'm from the county of kings
Higher learning was a change, and why diesel inhaling grew wings
Nah mean, zombie's the top example why they call a rotten apple
Cut the tail off the city, ra**le ain't no longer tattled
Peep my BK point of view like that Spike Lee angle
Rockefeller drug lords, or the judge might hang you
BK breezing warriors, the most notorious
But the bearer of the throne will always be the Notorious one
Mos Def-initely, I'm feeling mighty Fab, puffing on the Jay
Busting rhymes while the time past
Birth place of Tyson, Jordan, get Jackson'ed
n***a give me your wallet, b**hes hand me your pocketbooks
Replace the B with a C, Brooklyn, home of the crooks

Brooklyn, New York is our hometown!

[Verse 3: Issa Gold]
Brooklyn so proper, n***a what you be talking bout
Rebels soul, into gold since my mama pop me out
Enlightened sound we lords of the boom bap ask around
Smoking loud, all my Flatbush n***as love that sour pow
Brooklyn we gutter, blocks patrolled by undercovers
Innocent brothers go under for bag of ganja
But f** that
Beast Coast bout to take over n***as know that
Spitting that soul rap, disguised the flow so it sound like a throwback
They say you bringin 90's back, alright I'm fine with that
But all I'm trying to do is bring the motherf**ing honor back
Where it started at, uhh, I'm a legend my G
And besides that astrals smoking hash with the master of this sh**
Elevated conglomerate, to the game that we fathered in
Put away on some problem sh**, for me to work om my proper b**h
Them AudiBeats think they the holy chosen ones
Like f**ing Moses, Park, and fake from the real ones
That's it n***a

Brooklyn, New York is our hometown!
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[Verse 4: AK]
Live from the ghettos of Flatbush where one bad look
Could leave you Sam Cooked, that wasn't in your plan book right
Hater, the light bearer, take flight to heights you scared of
Preparing the youth for revolution through these booth intrusions
Bringing our roots back, sun rays within our raps
Gun plays outside the trap, 5-0 be on our backs
They try to box us in, but still I win
Elevating the nation, young GOD, no Satan, my n***a
Stuff your brains with knowledge, power, respect
Most hours lived, no regrets, since I was little a vet
Now dollars what I collect, yes Brooklyn raised me
Dollar vans bumping Jay-Z, this my stop at the fronto spot
I cop a daily, bringing it back to the ave, mixing the hash
The sky's the limit I'm past, we the coldest cats in this rap
Beast Coast no way to infiltrate our craft
Third eye strapped, defeating these demons within my past

[Verse 5: DyMe-A-DuZiN]
The portrait is official, copped it like Winslow
Spark a pipe and bowl, sharpen my mental
Junior High I used to fake sick and get sent home
High School I finally got to take a white chick home
Cutting cla**es to smash, she was accustom to cum guzzling
Barely even ducking when the nut would splash
Insecurity she covered up with make-up
Me!? I appreciated nuttin' on her face
Now a days she ain't s**ing then she basic
As a younger youngin' they would buffen me with braces
Big booty honey's wanna cuff me cause I'm caking
Piggy's smell the piffy, wanna cuff me cause I'm baking, the game dangerous
Emcee's get slain remain nameless
Or upstate corrected like they say sandwich
Your gaining if your a game changer, embrace haters
They say love and hate is the same, ain't it?
Buddy I'm way too raw for you to trade places
And sure man your making dad so proud birthing your styles
Now, I'm murking you out, enter the game verses the child
When we was on tour with the LVRS surfing the crowd
You was surfing the web, poking them hoes, look at you now
Power trippin', rappers be spazzing when the sour lift them
Still roll with who I been with, the difference the cowards missing
Bunch of devoured victims I pile them, and I don't miss em'
Know it's a downer, but in these crowds you are non-existent
How would you feel if you arising where the suns at
And dumb cats are shooting while you flying so you comeback
They want me to walk, and telling me to run that BK never done that
I'm too far to hit them if I were to bust back, don't aim where the bums at
Continue on my quest on becoming the greatest
And show the new New York to our generation
And if you don't know, then you know now, I'm Flatbush, and I'm blowing loud
It's BK, it's Beast Coast, and I'm swankin for my hometown

[Hook x2]
Cross the bridge, walk with me
Tried to warn you but you all were sleep
We taking over, you boring me
My coast is here, and we all are beast
And we representin' Brooklyn, Brooklyn
And we representin' Brooklyn, Brooklyn
And we representin' Brooklyn, Brooklyn
And we representin' Brooklyn, Brooklyn

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