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Dan Reising - Better With You There lyrics

Words and music by : Daniel James Reising & Richard Patrick Reising
My friends down in the factry say Im actin mighty strange
Its not that I look different, but somehow somethings changed
They ask me Hows the wife & kids , I sayWere all doin great
But head hung low I turn & just keep walkin through the gate Chorus
Cuz when Id get home from work each night
You were
always there to greet me ( alternate 2nd verse : At the door to greet me)
With so much love my troubles seemed to
Fade & Turn to Smiles
Youd smother me with kisses
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Sitting in that big old chair
Life was so much better with you there Verse
I been tryinta pa** the time without ya
But things just aint the same
I stare at that old collar
Remembrin how Id hollar out yer name
When Id say, Cmere boylets go for a ride
Youd beat me to the car each time
With the windows down , wind blowin in your face REPEAT CHORUS
Bridge I know ya had to leave..but its so hard on me
To go on without my best friend

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