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Dadzson - DissRespect lyrics

[Verse 1: Dadzson]
Looking in the darkness, all I see is fake savages
You are worth nothing, b**h, I am cannabis
Believe in one, yet my flow is still blasphemous
I'll hit you with my ego b**h, make it rain scandalous
My flow original and hopeful, raaah, Lazarus
You better pause and breathe b**h, you're gonna' need an ambulance
I roll with the best, handedness antagonist
Don't judge the way I spit, b**h I'll drop you in paralysis
You can hardly stand up, yet you wanna reach the top
Got Albo's with their guns up, RB Venom down my Glock
All you think about is reputation and making your skin pop
This is what I call da' detonation; burn in my GR-OP
Get up and come eat combative green beret tactics
Spray piss your life savings under your infested mattress
I drew your mama naked; an oil painting on canvas
She was so chuffed that she even tagged me in a f**ing status
One on one, I'll fold you in quarters and eat you the f** up
You are nothing without your flour like a plastic measuring cup
The diameter of my dick is thicker than your crippled legs
Just forget about rapping, homie' go and buy some bread!
Man all these haters keep on chatting, keep on slating
I'm stuck in a maze where my thoughts I'm annotating
It's a f**ing miracle no way I am escaping
I'm living extra terrestrial while you faint when you're masturbating
All you talk about is beef, shut up and f**ing feed me!
Don't forget the gravy cause without it, it's not easy
What'd be helpful is some lettuce; I like it fresh and leafy
Don't worry I got the French dressing to make me eat up freely
I'm a s**y lyricist with a tongue to sharp too handle
Eloquent bars allowing mysteries unravel
Everything is in my big head, stored like a fortress in a castle
You just babble away with nothing to say like a camel with no saddle!
Talking about your wild experiences with females in your bed
When you force them to get faded, b**hes crave to give you head
Pubic Lice, AIDS and Chlamydia, is now there burden instead
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Your ruined their poor lives, turned their p**y Indian red
Turned their p**y Indian red
Turned their p**y Indian red
"f** her right in the p**y"

[Verse 2: Dadzson]
If I sum you up, you're a skinny sicko, seeking s**
I've got alliterative tekkers, and a pair of super specs
They make me see sh**, visualise hypnotics; perplex
And I do how it how I want it, no suspects in my projects
I complicate my paper, so I can get more paper
Mixing up the flavours so I can feed it to my weakest haters
Lifestyle; dictator nature, I'll slit your throat with the rust of my razor!
You two-faced like a cheap cheese grater, you, debater, Me, vindicator!

[Hook: Dadzson]
Disrespect, you know my clique too Thoreau
Burn slow, sweet smoke, liquid fire flow!

[Verse 3: Dadzson]
It ain't' real no more, but I still master the artistry
Cut the tension with my teeth through your arteries
Bloody Timbs, loosened strings, running tirelessly
No comprehension like an officer in Grand Larceny
f** the scale, I'mma hit it up markedly
Rep the panel like a motherf**ing varsity
Die for my brothers but I'll k** any deservedly
We play the game, take the game, FUCK courtesy
You can tell I don't give a f** about the lyrics
I could translate hieroglyphics and people would still act cynic
I don't study Meta Physics but I am and I know
I won't lift no motherf**ing spirits or your soul
p**y, I live life capriciously
I spit prolifically, cause I'm inhuman linguistically
f** me up unwittingly, I'll shoot your mother unwillingly
And I'll f** the bullet hole just to show you my humility!

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