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D Double E - Frontline lyrics

Think you're big boy cos you got a beard
Bullets will make your face look weird
Draw for the mash quickly disappeared
Left you there cause I never cared
Into the car slam it in to the gears
For what I've just done, could get years
Heart is cold and I've got no fears
Shed no tears, no MC compares
I've been badding up MCs for years
From way back when you used to wear flares
By that time you opened your ears
I'm gonna climb to the top like stairs
Think you're big boy cos you go gym
Bullets will cave your whole face in
Draw for the ting but forget to swing
First to draw will win

Don't come single against D Double
You can try but you won't be able
Soon gonna be signed to the label
Soon gonna see dough on the table
Try mess with the dough on the table a
I'll put the the tip of the gun straight up your nostril
And pull
Who's on the mic D Double not D Single

Head get mangled and dangled
To the side just like I wear my Kangol
Nowadays I'm on arms just like a bangle
(If you) try test me you get man handled
With the tool I've got bullets that like to mingle
On road and especially in the dancehall
Try duck under the table
I'll just fire my ting from the next angle

Now you want to cancel
Cause you know you'll get rubbed out like pencil
You don't want me to make you look like a fool
Got you stressed out smoking menthol
Like its commercial and you wanna draw me blood
Nah that's cool
Only thing I'm gonna draw is my tool
Better go home and make your self useful before I move to you all

Right about now joke ting lyrical
Easily turn real ting physical
Reach out with my hand with the tool and pull
Aim to your dimple and temple
Who do you resemble
Face looks f**ed up like Michael
I carry gun like its legal
When we clash your gonna need more people

Bare people think they're heavy like metal
Say they've got dough but they ain't got a shekel
Seen a big gash that looks effed like Ethel
Them MCs better hide before I switch like Jekyll
Cool and seckle before
I sting your ice kettle just like a metal before
Draw for the metal in the belt buckle therefore
Don't start trouble with the Double
When I'm warmed up I'll leave you in a lyric blood puddle
Greet you with arms not talking a cuddle
The doctor can't put you back together like a puzzle
So hold your mouth shut like wearing a muzzle
On your face you'll be wearing
My knuckle imprint to the side of your temple
You're just simple, get popped like a pimple
Sounds of the D Double (OOAH OOAH!)

D Double not D Single
Who's on the mic riding the vinyl
Quick with the easy and simple
MCs get murked if they're commercial
With no rehearsal you'll get a quick burial
Rinse them clean like Ariel, biological
First thing in the morn' like cereal
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Cause you're messing with a Newham General
And I take this music personal
Rude boys, they don't take it personal
If you bring your crew then I'll murk them all
Right there on the spot like Clearasil
Cause I told you before don't come single against D Double
I'll put the tip of the gun straight up your nostril and pull

D double is still
I'm part of N.A.S.T.Y Crew still
I'm lyrically ill still
Got lyrics to k** still
Back in the day I used to steal
Still more time I've got
Steel on my waist yo still
These lyrics are raw like steel
But still I've got a better one still

Yo D Double spitting the sh** you feel
I keep it real, whats the deal
I hope you don't wanna steal my sk**
You must not know me still
I get the tune jacked like draw by the steel
Lyrical nine mil to the DJ's wheel
Spin that one back like windmill still
My selector knows the deal
I keeps it real upon the wheels of steel

I spit a 16 bar
Hot like tar
Soon be a star
Get very far
Never gonna go away, permanent scar
Trust me this lyric no joke lyric
Gonna draw my lyric
Make your new lyrics look like very old
Like no go lyric
Make no dough lyric
Can't match but if you think you can
Then I draw for the next lyrics
Better go and get next lyrics
And make sure that they're your lyrics
There will never be a day when I'm spitting poor lyrics
In war quickly draw twenty four more lyrics
Spit like magnum with the four four lyrics
Hit you in the chest leave you on the floor lyrics
Next time better ignore your lyrics
Like rain, I pour raw

Then I bust a next sixteen
Quick sixteen
I'm gonna let off shots no less than sixteen
Tear an MC in to sixteen bits in sixteen bins
Been ripping the scene to bits from sixteen
And I'm still mean
Ten times better when I was sixteen
Bare man couldn't test when I was sixteen
Even man that was older than sixteen
Didn't believe I was younger than sixteen
And now I'm age two three
Sounds of the Double Double
Part of the natural artistic sounds touching you, you
That's the name of us, trust
We're gonna bust cause we work hard enough
And enough of your crews ain't hard enough
To play with us
And they're hating us
We're not into that so just move away cause

If you mess with a Newham General
Mess with a Newham General
Get left in Newham General
You'll get left in Newham General
Mess with a Newham General
Mess with a Newham General
Get left in Newham General
You'll get left in budda budda A and E!!!

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