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D Double E - Stormzy, Aaron Unknown, D Double E & Lady Leshurr lyrics

[Intro: Stormzy]
Myself Stormzy, D Double E, Aaron Unknown, Lady Leshurr
Big up Jammer and Footsie Inside

[Verse 1: Stormzy]
Let me talk about the dirt that I swept up
Robshaw on the ball when it gets tough
If you kick that man when he's down on the ground, then you're gonna be stressed when he gets up
Beg man come try
Might see a demon creep in the night
We can call this one Scream part 5
But this time this black man don't die
So bun your ting it's the new way
Hottest thing out of the UK
Had the shubs going up on a Tuesday
Cigarette smoke on my clothes on my duvet
Mum's going nuts like I don't want smoke in the house no more
Don't boy, don't get about no more
Ish got bait when I show Ts face though
My man ain't gotta pouch no more

[Verse 2: Aaron Unknown]
You can't mess with this UK island
I swear my heartbeat's 140 BPM
With a flow so vibrant
Mind open, I've been enlightened
And my life took a spin 360 degrees
Now my lyrics they get rewinded
Let's be reminded
I'm a fresh MC so the alongside groups are the best but I don't need guidance
But in the past I've asked for mic and man want to flutter their eyelids
Jump on the stage spit a 16 make you feel 16 humbled I leave in silence
Your face looks priceless
Like material sourced by fashion designers
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See there's a line that you ain't gonna cross but if you want to try then it won't end righteous

[Verse 3: D Double E]
Make your team surrender
First thing on my agenda
Go straight past the defender
None of these man ain't no contender
You can ask Brendan, you can ask Brenda
Out of the competition I'll send ya
Your goalie looks a bit slender
Clear with a quick curler and a bender
I'm a good pa**er, I'm a good sender
Quick 1-2, yeah that's what we do
Go past everybody including you
(ah) You want to try marking man?
Ok, let's get this started
Cause I know your team, they're half-hearted and
My team full of winners
Your team the beginners

[Verse 4: Lady Leshurr]
Yo, I'm from Brum-town
You might see me uptown
Walking broad in the street
Don't try talk to the Queen, look down
Don't look the wrong way
I will throw shade on a Sunday
Flow's on 3000, Andre
And I got love for North like Kanye
I'm a boss like David Campese
And I'm Chris like Robshaw and Breezy
Flow so wavey that can see that I'm sick
So they can't stand easy
Don't touch me, you will get touched down, no rugby
Don't want arms don't hug me
Dem gyal there they can't touch me, trust me

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