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D Double E - Soundboi Killa lyrics

[Verse 1: Footsie]
Heavyweight, heavyweight soundboy ting
Man can't step in the soundboy ring
If you wanna step in the ring, get knock out
When this bassline drops, you'll shock out
When this bassline drops, you'll skank
Yeah, you'll skank your socks off
Bet you any money that this one pops off
Dubplates, we've got lots of, yeah
Dubplates, we've got more than them
Wheel-ups, we get more than them
Dem man ah move with one likkle dead gyal
Buff tings, man ah have more than ten
Dem man freeze [?]
Cuh you dun know say me have more than them
Yeah, more than you
A boy better know who he's talking to

[Verse 2: D Double E]
I'm lyrically fat, physically thin
I'm still a heavyweight in this ting
How you gonna go twelve rounds in the ring
With a lyrical king? Blud, I'm up for the swing
Better guard your chin, let the bell ring
Ding ding dong, let's get it on
Sixteen jabs, keep it moving
Draw for the hook, leave man snoozing
Warn a brother just like Warner
I don't care who's in your corner
Gone too far and I've done too much
My reputation, you can't touch
My reputation, you can't get near
When I started, you weren't there
Me v. you? Nah, that's not fair
Cause I'm on another level and you can't compare
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[Verse 3: Footsie]
Yeah, boy better know what he's talking about
You don't wanna walk in a soundclash
Trust me, you won't be walking it out
A soundboy there's dead
Now they're chalking him out
Who's next up to battle?
I am calling him out
Yeah, I'm calling him in
The lion's den
Where dubplates fire like a skeng
Soundclash start at 9
And everybody dead in the clash by 10
Dem bwoy love gwan bad
But me know say me badder than dem
But me know say me badder than dem

[Verse 4: D Double E]
The mandem are here, nah
You can't sit in this badman chair, nah
You can't sit in this big man chair, nah
Man will split your wig around here, nah
Better mind how you're talking
And when you're round here, you better mind how you're walking
Stick a knife and a fork in
Yeah, I sit here, youngers do the stalking
Soundboy killer, can't get nil-a
It's on top when I deliver
Make a man shook and I make a man shiver
And I make a man shook and I make a man quiver
And I aim for the headtop, aim for the liver
Yam a man, yam a man just like dinner
What soundboy wants to end up in the river?
All this long talking man are inna

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