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D Double E - Serious Thugz lyrics

[Intro: D Double E]
Out to the haters, dick s**ers (s**ers)
Better check this, motherf**ers (s**ers)
When you see me and JME, You better duck us (s**ers)
Yo, we cause the ruckus! (s**ers)

[Hook: D Double E and (Jme)]
I wanna hear you say ooh, ooh
Then I wanna hear you say (serious)
I wanna hear you say ooh, ooh
Then I wanna hear you say (serious)
I wanna hear you say ooh, ooh, ooh, (serious)
Then I wanna hear you say...

[Verse 1: D Double E]
Head get mangled, then dangled
To the side just like I wear my Kangol
Nowadays i'm on arms just like a Bangle
Try touch me you'll get man-handled
I've got bullets that like to mingle
On road and especially in the dancehall
Try to come to (my) table
Fire my beam from a next angle
Bullets are flying diagonal
Turned your head into a semi-circle
Next I'm flying into a triangle
Head from an angle, look mangled
We look three dimensional
Re shape your head far from a circle
Bullets in the back of your head tango
And square the back like rectangle


[Verse 2: Jme]
Serious, I know you think you're hench
True say you've got a new weight bench
That don't help cause I've got a wrench
And I've got [?] wench
Trust (I'll) fling you over that fence
Next time think about consequence
You batty boy
If you had sense you would not ask Jme for ten pence
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Serious, I know you think you're hench, I'm about to spit my lyrics in French
Je m'appelle Jamie, je suis hench
J'habite meridan, j'ai weight bench
Serious, I'm not Peewee Herman
Man can spit them lyrics in German
Ich bin Jamie, ich bin ich hench

[Verse 3: Double E]
It's me D Double, not D single
Move to the mic, value the vinyl
Keep it easy, after it's bought mc's get murked like dead commercials with no rehearsal
Quick burial
Make em' clean like aerial, biological
First thing in the morning like cereal
Cuz' you're with a Newham General
And I take this music personal
Rudeboy so don't take it personal
Cause if you bring your crew I'll murk them all
Fight me on the spot like Clearasil
Cause I told you before don't come single against D Double

(Verse 4: JME)
I know you think your wise
Dont know who told you but they lied
If u had stress then blud its guide
Now when you see me you best hide
Trust know what i think about pride
If you stick around youll get fried
Serious blud that one wide
Or ill tell no body that you cried
About serious, you're not serious
Dont say serious, I say serious
When it gets serious, lets get serious
Can't act serious, about serious
You dont think serious, I say serious
Your not serious, When it gets serious
Lets get serious, can't act serious
You dont say serious serious

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