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D Double E - Scars lyrics

[Verse 1: Wiley]
I don't roll in no bait cars, but I make stars
Out of artists who can see ahead quite far
While we're getting big, haters get closer
Cheat on your gash, that's one more scar
Beef on the road, not needed
But it's down there where you will get most of the scars
It's round here, if you bread you will get parred
Been through the war, so for life I'm scarred
You can't do what I do, it's hard
I'm advanced like A Level Maths in cla**
Music's my trade, I learnt it quite fast
Please give me a test and I'll pa**
Don't act like an arse
I'm E-S-K, I drink E&J
I don't get drunk off one gla**, though
Here I am, see me on the road
Get down from Harrow to Plaistow

[Hook: Wiley]
I'm on a path, don't get in the mix
I'm on a path, don't get in the mix
But I've had no choice, now I'm loading six
But I've had no choice, now I'm loading six
Put my life on the line, on the roads I'm fine
Put my life on the line, on the roads I'm fine
Beef is a laugh, all day every time
And you might walk out with scars

[Verse 2: Footsie]
This tune is called "Scars"
I built it when I was chilling in my yard
I use Cubase cos I find Logic hard
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Man want to test what's the Logic star
You'll lyrically get whacked up with bars
Or physically get whacked up with bars
Your mental and physical will get scarred
You're gonna wish that you never came out of your yard
It's the Newham Generals, yeah we're large
Building the levels up, moving fast
And leaving all the haters in the past
And who bad mind and fakers in the past
It's all bare snakers out in the gra**
And in a race they wanna see me come last
To my face they bread me and they ask
"When are you bringing out that tune Scars?"


[Verse 3: D Double E]
I'm on my way to stardom
Anybody test me on the way, I will scar them
Wanna test me? I beg your pardon
More time If it's not worth it, I par them
Cos it's obvious I bury them in the garden
But they still try to hide out like Laden
Still acting stiff and hard and
From E7, I'm gonna bar them
I'm gonna set them on fire just like an arson
That will teach them for acting like an arse and
Don't wanna spend a couple weeks in the basement
You're wastemen, nah I can never face them
I'm gonna spit sick till I fill up the basin
Newham Generals, we come like the Freemasons
Got deep powers across the nation
Like a new day, new generation


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