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D Double E - Reload It lyrics

[Intro: Kano]
This is
This is
This is what it means when DJs reload it
This is what it means
When DJs reload it
This is what it means when DJs reload it
Reload it
DJs reload it
Reload it
It's Kano in the house

[Verse 1: Kano]
Look, nuff MCs just ain't creative
They just remixed Kano's latest
Get a response and think they're rated
Don't spud and call me cuz, we ain't related
Nuff DJs don't know the basics
Cut a few dubs, they think they made it
Played bare raves but they ain't made sh**
Listen to Mac and play the same bits
And nuff producers think they've made hits
Sold 500, they ain't made hits (prick)
It's the vocal that makes it
And trying to charge a big girl to take it
Nuff promoters think their raves big
And kids don't give a sh** when their rave is
They're standing up but not raving
They came to the front when Kano came in
Living like K-A blowin up roads
K-A-N shottin like O's
I send the mandem out of control
But I got the girls all over my flow
But a lot of people don't know about me
I can spit like an old school MC
A-B-C, One-Two-Three, K-A-N-O lyrical G
You don't believe me
Let me call lee, let me call danger, let me call dean
They know I'm that lyrical team and I eat the tracks like edible beans
K-A I'm a bad boy though
I'm a real bad boy
Bad boys know that
You can't f** with the bad
Bad bda bda bad bad bda bda
Bad boy flow coz

[Hook: Kano]
This is what it means when DJs reload it
That sixteen was mean and he knows it
Double gets a lot and Wiley gets a lot of reloads
Tinchy gets nuff and Demon always gets reloads

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This is what it means when DJs reload it
That sixteen was mean and he knows it
Ghetto gets a lot and Scratchy gets a lot of reloads
Hyper gets nuff and Lethal always gets reloads

[Verse 2: Kano]
Look, you can't tell me nothing, I ain't havin' it
If I see somethin' I like, f**k it I'm havin' it
And we can go back 2 back but believe I'll have it
And the DJ knows it coz that's why he jacks it, oh f**k it
Back me up
I make love music
And I make thugs music
I make club tunes so DJs in the club use it
Windows steamin up, when the best MCs are teamin up
We make people say (brap brap brap brap)
And DJs wheel it up
Yo, K to the A
K to the A to the N to the O
I know that you people already know
I get a reload purely for the flow
Give me that stage and a microphone
A beat and that's my time to glow
I know that the ladies like my flow
They put their number inside my phone

[Verse 3: D Double E]
Yo d double spittin this sh** 4 real I keep it real
You want to steal my sk**
You must not know me still
I get the tune [?]

[Verse 4: Demon]
Let's play a game called reloads
Let's see who can get the most reloads
Big dances, demon ets reloads
Sidewinder, you have to get reloads
U don't want to bring arms house, is a reload
When I see the gash, I get a reload
[?] Buss that, yea that's a reload
Pissed off cos you don't get no reloads

[Verse 5: Kano]
That's a minor
Bun down the rave when I come and quick timer
Got the crowd singin along like 1 liner
Got the right lyrics you know I'm a tight rhymer
Nuff love styler
Ruff like rider
Gwan like you're bad and you don't even get a wheel-up
You don't s** no gyal you only get feel-ups
Get left behind you MCs need to speed up
Kano will have your whole team up

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