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D Double E - I Want Your Love lyrics

[Hook: Donae'o]
I want to be the one you want, yeah
I want to be the one you need, yeah yeah
Truly you are the one I want, yeah yeah
To me you are my everything, yeah yeah
You are in my mind my baby, you are in my dreams, oh yeah yeah
You are what I signed for baby, you are what I seek, yeah
I want to be the one you want, yeah yeah
I want to be the one you need, oh yeah yeah
I want your love
I want your love

[Verse 1: Lumidee]
This ain't dreaming, I'm gleaming
For that love I can see you scheming
Shine on 'em, you're straight high-beaming
Feeling you boy, [?]
I wanna be the first one on your wishlist
You ain't never had it [?]
Reality sinks in, now you're winning
Go time, yo time let's go baby, blow your mind
Something 'bout the [?] that I just can't [?]
[?] I never figured you were just my type
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'Bout to get right, jump on the next flight
We can rock out to the same beat all night
You and me together, that's a #Power

[Hook: Donae'o]

[Verse 2: D Double E]
I've got what you want, want
I've got what you need, need
Yes indeed, deed
Grown, grown
I just want you to know, know
We can go fast, fast
Or we can take it slow
Let me take control
Come on baby, let's roll
Go with the flow, lose control
How I'm feeling, I wanna let you know
I'll be there if you need me
Grab the bottle, I'll be there like a genie

[Hook: Donae'o]

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