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D Double E - Hard lyrics

Hard, dem man are hard

[Verse 1: D Double E]
I'm that lyrical farda
Name an MC that spits harder
Than me and my partner
Cause me and my partner
Ain't got time for mucking around
Just know when we're in town
No one will take us down
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Getting about, man are getting around
Man are getting every man addicted to the sound like brown
Addicted to the sound like crack
And the tour's sold out, it's fully packed
Dirtee Stank, I will fully back
If a boy tries tings, I'll walk on his back
And bust, it's a must
I will lyrically make a man eat my dust
I'm a deep pan, you're thin crust
Trust me, I'm deep when I'm on the mic, trust man ah hard

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