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D Double E - Aim High Freestyle lyrics

It's not long
It's very quick
Listen it's D Double
Still the lick
Yo, listen

I only deal with original written
That's why man like me is getting Bitten
Pure MC's wanna be in my position
Well listen, rudeboy you're on a long mission
Been a lyrically Dan since when I was christened
From 13, I had a lyrical edition
Spent time in the studio just like prison
Now I'm armed to the teeth with a lyric ammunition
And represent E7 which is in Newham
Any MC wanna test then I do 'em
Whether it's inside or outside Newham
Bet you a oner that I go straight through 'em
Spat my bars and all your crew knew 'em
Your lyrics, your gonna have to re-do 'em
Nobody cared, nobody knew 'em
Nobody cared, nobody knew 'em

You can't be critical about my lyrical
Cause my old bars will merk your new lyrical
Each and every one of my bars them are cla**icals
Your known in the hood and I'm known international
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Soon going to make p's like Abbey National
That was an experimental
Now it's standard on instrumental
I do it in the rave and everybody goes mental
The raving crew turn far from gentle
So MC's don't get me mental
Nut get bust, get sent to the dental
About you wanna jack my lyrical. (Owrr! Owrr!)

Jack my written
Wear my flow that's never gonna fit him
Lyrical fist in the mouth I'm gonna give him
Next time when the bigger man are chat upon the riddim
Better hold it down you don't want to be missing
Might get found by somebody fishing
Might get found by somebody pissing
Nah that couldn't be my bar that you're spitting
Hold it down you don't wanna be kissing
Tip of the gun 'cause it's got a full clip in
Tip of the gun 'cause the safety's missing
I bet that will have your pants full up with sh** in
I'm a heavyweight you're gonna need help living
Nah you don't wanna get caught slipping

That's me yeah
Newham General D Double
Over and out

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