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D Dash - Rockstar lyrics

[Hook: D-Dash]
She say she wanna f** a rockstar
I bought a guitar and played her favorite song
And told her to come over and we rock hard (Yeaaah!)
She say she my biggest fan and wanted me to band
So I took her backstage, told her bring some friends
And we rock hard
She say she wanna f** a rockstar

[Verse 1: D-Dash]
Well I'm D-Bo Hendricks
Played her favorite song, took all her attention
Face full of piercings, tattoo on the titties
And she begging me to come and get it
I'm just Charlie Sheening, touch down when you beaming
Xan bars and I'm leaning, [?] so loud he screaming
I just flew to Pheonix, rolling off [?]
[?], I'm so high the sky low
Twitter [?] tweet, I'm looking at her bio
Says she like Miskailo, she a freak, I told her vamos
I put that on the bible, ga**, [?], propane
I ain't playing no games, switchin' off four lanes

[Hook: D-Dash]

[Verse 2: Slim Dunkin]
Well I'm Slimmy Kravis
Indy 500, ra-racing down in Indianapolis
Savage for the cabage, Macho Man Randy Savage
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And she begging me to come and get it
[?] caucasian, blazing [?]
Asian b**h from overseas are far way too amazing
Kush so loud can't hear you, VVS so clear too
Whole body froze like a motherf**ing igloo
R-rockhard cafe, ga** in the ashtray
Mounted up spaceship, taking off from NASA
p**y so good had to take her home
We we're backstage, f**ing till her face was gone

[Hook: D-Dash]

[Verse 3: Roscoe Dash]
I rock out with my cock out, I do
And she with it? Yeeahh
I high schooled and she dropped out
So much for perfect good titties
She wanna party and bullsh**
I'm a rockstar, man I do this
I ended in her corner pocket
No cube ball or pool stick
Tongue out, no kiss baby
V-V.I.P., no wrist band
Required, we perspire
Now she tried as f** and need a n***a six man (Right Now)
Everyday she want a Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay (She do)
So we do that, then I send her on her merry way

[Hook: D-Dash]

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