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D Dash - Freezer Tag lyrics

[Intro: D-Bo]
I pull up
I-I-I pull up
I pull up

[Hook: D-Bo & Slim Dunkin]
I pull up in this motherf**er
Hop out, leave the doors up
Pants saggin', pull my clothes up
Shawty seen the ice and she froze up
And you can smell the kush before it's rolled up
Pull my ice out the freezer bag
All these damn diamonds playing freezer tag
Catch you reachin' for my chain, might freeze your a**
And you can keep the change [?]

[Verse 1: Slim Dunkin]
[?] froze again
Boogers in my nose again
Call me dirty a** stain, but never call me broke again
Plenty n***a frontin' soft [?]
Rock out with my cock out, winter time with the top off
In the club, Dunk! Still ballin' through the lockout
Baby Kimmie through the phone, I'm on the road for now
To my moma out the Jag' she in a Rover now
The whole hood on my bus, I'm the chauffeur now
We formin' all 'cross the contry, doing shows for now
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Seem like money all I think about
Rubber band, no visa, f** a bank account, squad!


[Verse 2: Slim Dunkin]
Comeback to a zero, ice colder [?]
Diamonds in my chain, blew it cool [?]
Reach for my chain get frost bite
A hundred in my mouth and I still can't talk right (I need a freezer bag)
40 on my hip and 40 in my pocket
Keep one in they head, I ain't even gotta cock it
Chain froze like icicle
Xan, molly got me rolling like bicycle (rolling)
Pull the ice out the ice tray (ice)
Diamond beaming on your a** like light ray (squad)
2 chain made them hoes show me they tity boi
n***a know I do it big like Diddy boy


[Outro: D-Bo & Slim Dunkin]
I pull up
I-I-I pull up in this motherf**er
Pull my ice out the freezer bag
All these damn diamonds playing freezer tag

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