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D Dash - 7 Days of the Week lyrics

Star ball 7 days of the week
Smoke kush 7 days of the week
f** hoes 7 days of the week
Rock designer clothes 7 days of the week
Drive foreign 7 days of the week
We respectin from the west to the east
Liberal n***a til I D.I.E
Getting street money like I'm Big Meech

[Waka Flocka Flame]
Still in bars like Papa John's
Rockin ice like Papa Joe
Don't f** wit Shawty, that Flocka ho
Trap a ho jumpin like Flocka show
Sellin weed, b**h was sellin snow
Got the mollies, we got the blow
Sellin D, you got to know
I could buy some more dope, b**h I need a boat
From the Waka Flocka Flame n***a
Clique full of Chain Gang n***as
All I know is g**n n***a
All I know is g**n n***a
Before rap had street fame
A real n***a gon remain
You can play ball, you can book diamonds
From Riverdale, better tuck yo chain
I ball, I stunt 7 days of the week
Ball sh** bout me, can't wait til we meet
Blow O's of the Cali 7 days of the week
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Man I was gonna feed, if you f**in with me
Know some n***as that squeeze when the cops came freeze
Keep a n***a baby mama all on her knees
Waka Flocka Flame, b**h I run these streets
I'm a real a** n***a, gonna be a favor


[Waka Flocka Flame]
Gon R E S P E C T me from the west east
DGBSM, all the real n***as done answer to me
Black strap, call it Wesley
These hatin n***as ain't stressin me
Some days of week I f** some fiends
Call peso, I need a extra P
Cuz I'm extra fine, extra high
Molly all in my body
And I'm kickin sh** like Jackie Chan, them Louie V karate
I got a red b**hin and p**y fight
That sh** hot tamale
She smart and f**in, her head good
Like she graduated from college
Some days of week I'm getting paid n***a
Some days of week I'm getting laid n***a
Some days of week I count chills
In that lane, on straight n***a
Going hard every day, tryna slay the streets
n***a I'm in the trap 7 days a week


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