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Hailing from Poland, home to some of the world's most excessive heavy metal bands, the controversially named Christ Agony was the brainchild of enigmatic, ever present leader Cezar (vocals/guitar), whose early-days cohorts included ba**ist Mauser and drummer Gilan. Emerging in the early 90's with the Unholy Union L.P., Cezar's evil crew quickly proved as daringly inventive as they were conceptually shocking, issuing a string of L.P.'s (including 1994's Daemononseth: Act II and 1995's Moonlight: Act III) which gradually evolved from viciously inaccessible to increasingly sophisticated, culminating in 1996's surprisingly melancholy departure Darkside. Following a European tour with fellow Polish favorites Behemoth, Cezar committed some time to his side project Moon before resuming his work with Christ Agony (now featuring ba**ist Blackie and drummer Thoarinus) for a couple of more aggressive, back to basic albums in 98's Trilogy and 99's Elysium. ~ Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide

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