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C Cane - If Interlude lyrics

[Intro: TravCamBlaze]
I mean like
I suppose my ego got in the way
And I told her to go and she went
She had a ego to
I guess we were the same
But if

[Verse 1: TravCamBlaze]
If the roles reversed tell me what would you do?
I'm dumb as f** so I played the fool
When wanted you
To tell me you wanted to stay
See I got my own thoughts on this subject
We ain't spoke in years
I been upset
Tell me how you feel now that you left


[Verse 2: C Cane]
What do you mean?
You went and told me to leave
Now you wanna come and talk on my phone
Like the reason we're broken is my fault
No, no, no, no, no, no
I'm head strong
So so long to your ways
The games you played
To swerve the fact that your wrong oh

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[Verse 3: TravCamBlaze]
It shoulda never played out like that
You know that's just how I'd react
I shoulda ran outside and called you back
(But I didn't)
And I can't believe that
You couldn't see past
My ego, it had to sit back
Why'd you have to leave?, damn

[Verse 4: C Cane & TravCamBlaze]
That's what you made me do
‘cause I let you choose (you choose)
Though you didn't know (What you had)
'til I was gon babe
On some real sh**
I had to get over you
Actin' brand new
To hide your real views
Now it's too late for us
I'm just telling the truth

[Chorus: TravCamBlaze & C Cane]
You ever find yourself stuck up in the moment (Aww yeah yeah)
Do you think of me?
Tell me does it make you feel lonely?
This ain't even a real phone call
So I'll never know the truth
Steady stuck on stupid
Won't be crying over you

I might be

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