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Body Type - Ludlow (Do You Believe In Karma?) lyrics

Do you believe in karma? Do ya, do ya?
I reckon it's got something on ya, yeah.
You know that every move you make makes my heart break
But you're still moving, aren't ya, aren't ya, aren't ya? Yeah?

I'm probably just crazy, but I think about you all the the time
Yeah, I want you to sleep over
Baby let me hold you one more time
So I know, I know that it was once alright
Baby, stay with me
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I know it's over but just stay with me, stay with me

I still wanna be close to you
And I want you to wanna be close to me
How long will this last?
We're apart, we're apart, we're apart we're apart

My common sense is an accident, a consequence oh yeah, my common sense is an accident, it's a consequence oh yeah

At your core, you don't care about me anymore

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