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Big D And The Kids Table - Not f**in' Around lyrics

Okay, I'll answer for real
If I found myself stranded on an island with 6 million girls
Well, I'd put them all to work
We'd build a kicka** sailboat to get me back to you
See, I'm not f**ing around
I just love how you come up with these
You're saying if I was drunk and away on tour
And if we were in a ooh big fight
And then some loosey twit started flirting with me
Well, even drunk and bummed out I'd say you best move on girl
I don't mess around
So do you have it straight? If not keep on asking
The bar's open late and I don't mind
Until you finally see, with you, I won't be f**ing around
Sure, we'll have two more drinks, and just a bit closer
Hit me with another of your silly questions
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When the sun comes up, you'll see I won't be f**ing around
If my friends from school days brought me to a strip club
Bought me some of those lap dances, say what would I do then?
Well, I'd have to point to Mikey, see he don't have too much luck with the ladies
Tell the girls "There, that's me,"
Then I'll call you up so we can razz it around
What if you high school girlfriend showed up while I was away?
Well, I'd go under the sink
And grab some insect repellent and spray that girl away!
Yeah, I'll stop my stealing
I'll stop my fighting
I'll change my dirty ways
For you just you yeah
I'm damn well smart (and I know what I got)
And I won't be f**ing around
So are you feeling good?
Do you know I'm yours?
Raise up that head and those cute shoulders
Let's head on home
I'll never be f**ing around

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