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Big D And The Kids Table - Fluent in Stroll lyrics

Rope's been cut
Sailing away
No more raining on our sunny days

They're way too bossy and downright mean
I won't let them toss scary thoughts in your dreams
How could they think what was wrong was right
They're always coming at us looking for a fight
We wanna live in peace
And they're loving their war
But you know me, sh** you know me

I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I say we ditch them baby
I,I,I-I,I,I say those kids are losers baby

Sad souls
Hate it when they 'shh, shh'
You so alive
Triple fly / Crazy fly
Make me feel so good.

I,I,I - I,I,I say we're what's important baby.

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So what can I sing to you that I don't
whisper to you every night?

I found that beat that keeps you
moving all night, that God.

I know yeah, I know yeah
To look through my eyes it must be tough
But, gaze in that mirror girl
'Cause that's the only thing I love

Line them up, line them up
Say the word
I'll push 'em around for you
I don't care if it's a dragon-spider,
I'll knock any monsters down for you

Show me, show me a better girl.
No you're never gonna, never, never gonna find it.
Show me, show me a better world,
Without you baby, I don't, I don't, I don't want it.

What can I sing to her that I don't
whisper to her every night?
I'm gonna make sure that little girl inside her can shine

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