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Big D And The Kids Table - Doped up Dollies on a One Way Ticket to Blood lyrics

Boom goes the dynamite, dynamite, dynamite
Boom goes the dynamite, dynamite boom!

Dum dada dum

Doped up dollies on a one way ticket to blood
Switch her on, turn her key, then sit back and watch her have fun
She said, the night ain't over 'till someone tells me to calm down,
sit down, sit down, calm down
Doped up dollies on a one way ticket to blood

8-6-5 baby study the rhyme
Dancing in the street loopy and blind
2-3-9 my little partner in crime
Didn't study for the test and it's past bedtime
8-6-5 baby study the rhyme
Feeling like we're moving through water tonight
2-3-9 it's a victimless crime
Just digging on the feeling of feeling sublime

A crime with the Missus, fuses lit by her light
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See my mujer impressionante is known to dance
with sleepy feline eyes, 'cause she's a long cat, a sly cat
Not someone going your way
She's quite a little ninja, my tough little ninja
Me entiendes hombre?

I'm Ms. Mary Mack
I'm dressed in black
I got silver buttons
All down my back
I picked the lock
With my black hair pin
So me and my man
Can sneak right in

I cracked the safe
Dialed 8-6-5
Escaped on elephants
In the middle of the night
Jumped over the fence
We got so high
And didn't come back
'Till we touched the sky

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