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Awaken (US-CT) - As the Dark, So the Light lyrics

Out of the darkness, a son
The light of a king has begun
Christians in faith would lead them to become
The eldest of two now is born
The blood of the hammer runs strong
d**h from the distance in the bask of the dawn

Ghost of the father will of the born
Brothers will reign divided and torn
Kingdom of faith chosen at birth
d**h from the darkness laid to the earth

The father of Europe
The master of Rome
The papacy bows to the man on the throne
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Converting the heathens in the name of his God
Defeat of the Lombard
d**h with a cross
An empire falls at the end of his sword
Deliver the pagans in the name of his Lord

Out of the darkness a culture will riser
Baptise the Saxons i the glow of the night
God laid his hands on the crown in the west
Refused as a saint, welcomed by d**h

As the darkness conceals the devil's reign
So the light brings hope again
As the wars rage forever on
So the life of Charlemagne

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