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Autumn was one of Russia's best goth metal bands at the turn of the millennium. Formed in 1994 they were responsible for the following year's iThe Druid Autumn/i demo, and three subsequent albums: 1997's And We Are Falling Leaves..., 2000's Chjornye Kryl'ya, and 2003's Osen Vechna. The first two sung in English, the second pair in Russian, and all of them released by small independent record labels, these have enjoyed limited releases outside of Russia and Eastern Europe; but latter-day Autumn members Yuri Rottor (vocals/guitar -- ex-Russian Winter), Ludmila Emeliashina (viola), Sergey Berdyshev (drums), Felix Vigorov (ba**), and Roman Il'in (guitar) nevertheless gathered a small cult following before going their separate ways in 2004. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia, All Music Guide

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