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Autumn Keys - If design dictates function, what am i? lyrics

If i could explain it, then i would
You know i would

And if i could explain it, then i would
I know i should
And if i could explain it, then i would
Oh i would

I wrote a lot of words that i never meant
Left my selfish tendencies encased inside a sediment
My regiment is endless
I'm the president of weathermen
So catch me on a rainy day with feathers in a weather brim
It ain't a mystery why history is myth to me
I watch the planet dwindle into entropy
My friends and me are listening to milo and a tree house made of toothpicks
Building toward the sky, we'll be swimming in that blue midst
Until we hit the sun, like a liquor scented Icarus
My wax wings are catching the flickering that finished it
The flames
Forgetting i'm the same as greek legends were
'cuz i'm looked back upon with a separate curve
That's the only reason i was ever pa**in' cla**es
Sat in back with half-rim gla**es, playin' pokemon and laughin'
And instructions from the substitute
Function into someone new
But nameless at the same
I'm heaven's sin if that's enough for you
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I said

But nameless at the same
I'm heaven's sin if that's enough for you
Blowin' up my courage via self imposing subterfuge

I feel like a frame, in which there sits a picture
Which resembles every fixture i can visit through elixirs
I'm not trippin', i'm not crazy, i'm not steppin' out of line
I'm the only function circumventing it's design
And ignoring every law set in place in the past
I'm a jackson pollock painting in a plague doctor's mask
I'm an aphrodisiac with a rather sleazy knack
For retainin' information when it pa**es through my back
I'm a tip of a knife, in the grip of a vice
I'm weak, the old me is still invisionin' life
From the barrier that d**h creates, carryin' the message late
This is but an ode to the precarious and second rate
This is but an overthought analysis of balance in society
Variety is quietly expiring
And i can see the ambien inclusion on my sides
Opening the gates, before i open up my eyes
And see...

Open up my eyes, and wait till i fall back asleep
Back asleep

See, i stopped using a fake voice in rap. stop pretending i was someone who is stronger than i am. stop fasilitating ego on a hunt for validation. and i somehow ended up exactly where i started, and exactly where i started is exactly where i am. in my room alone at 4AM with nothing i can stand. i forgot the person who i used to be, he's in the past now, and i'm still waiting for the future

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