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Autumn Keys - Always Rains lyrics

[Verse 1: Koins]
Kane'ohe Bay, where it always rains
Where we all became who we are today
We are this way all because the Bay
Castle High before I parted ways
Was a part of my every day
Walking Hallways past the Poly cage
Until I get to the end, where my braddas stay
Where we congregate, where we talk and play
Ladies walk this way, people watch and hate
We ain't dropping names unless we talk Kalei
f** it, we ok
I used to operate off the Hele On bus
I could contemplate, just relax and let my thoughts replay
Gotta get my pockets straight, but I'd rather rap and skate
Grab the hand of a basket case
Dancing with the Devil til my ankle break
Hand grenade, going off and off at people stand in place
What can I say when all you know is Kane'ohe bay?
When all your friends either stay or go away
Then come back anyway

When it always rains, jotting thoughts on top a page
When it always rains, where it always rains
Jotting thoughts on top a page
b**hes need to stop the hate, how you think I got this way?
Hard work and a lot to say, not afraid of nothing
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Ice heads down the road from me
Choke police patrolling streets
Bums notice me, they ask for coins with broken teeth
Mama's still crying, is this supposed to be?
Down in Kane'ohe

[Breakdown: Chawney Ufuti]
Ooohh, How about you?
Do what you're supposed to
Ooohh, make your move
Ooohh, It's only you

Ooohh, How about you? (I said now how about you)
Do what you're supposed to (do what you're supposed to)
Ooohh, make your move (You gotta make that move)
Ooohh, It's only you

[Outro: Koins and Chawney Ufuti]
Sup Koins?
What up (?)?
What are you up to?
Jamming to my new tape
What?! Can I listen with you?
You really wanna listen?
Alright then

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