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Often credited as the originators of the d**h metal offshoot style called Grindcore, gross-out experts Autopsy had a short but, erm, colorful history. Founded by ex-d**h drummer Christ Reifert shortly after he relocated to San Francisco in 1987, the group was rounded out by guitarists Eric Cutler and Danny Coralles and ba**ist Ken Sorvari, with Reifert also handling vocal duties. Signed to U.K.-based indie label Peaceville on the strength of 1988's Critical Madness demo, they released their debut Severed Survival two years later. Mirroring the work of fledgling English Grindcore groups like Napalm d**h and Carca**, the album combined traditional d**h metal vocals and aggression with slower, grinding riffs and utterly repellent splatter-gore lyrics. It also boasted a cameo from another d**h alum, ba**ist Steve DiGiorgio, but Steve Cutler was handling the four string workload come 1991 -- a busy year which saw them issuing two E.P.'s, Fiend for Blood and Retribution for the Dead as well as long player named Mental Funeral. None of these seemed to aid the band's cause, however, and neither did 1992's Acts of the Unspeakable album (featuring next ba**ist Josh Barohn), which is perhaps best remembered for cover artwork so shocking, Australian customs officials immediately confiscated all units upon arrival. A long period of inactivity followed, but Autopsy eventually returned for a final gratuitous and scatological adieu via 1995's sh**fun album, featuring yet another ba**ist, one Freeway Migliore. Finally satisfied that they'd wreaked enough havoc, Reifert and Coralles moved on to a new project called Abscess and the former later joined Nuclear Assault's Danny Lilker in the Ravenous. 2001 saw the release of a best of set entitled Torn from the Grave, but a**uming this will wrap up the band's trajectory may only encourage them to make a comeback (so let's not and say we did). ~ Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide

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