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Austin Patten - Vice City (Austin Patten Remix) lyrics

Stay Inside I never go outside all of dat combined be the d**h of me
I'm good with tracks and they want me back not sure how to feel bout the rest of me
Yeah I rap but I don't live like that they talking bout pro methazine
Live a dream, what's the team, Austin Patten in with TDE
Said I waste time I ain't making a dime but you've heard it before let me intervene
Act like the guy cuz all the things that you buy hate to break to you not the recipe
Let it break down and they loving the sound and they seeing my name like, who is that
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I stay out the way and then finally say what do you, listen up like, oh I rap
King of town with everybody around I hear em say what is he doing he must be new
Said Imma die, I can't make it but why well, that's what all these other rappers do
Let's just say I won't listen to you because your main goal to get rid of me
Ignorance surrounds where I am that'll probably be the real d**h of me
d**h of me but I'm scared for you cuz you lived your life telling, many lies
You had it all, and Imma see you fall cuz you only cared bout cash and fame
Gotta live life right you get to sleep at night it's not that hard it's a, simple game

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