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Aubrey O'Day - Second Call lyrics

He's all up in my head
He won't get out
Sitting in my bed, with my tit out
He can't talk
So you're who I'm gonna call
I already know
That you're with it
Yeah it's been a while
Since we did it
Hope she's still at work 'til you get me off

Damn your voice is familiar
Sometimes I can't help but remember that sh*t
You talk
Say that thing, help me get there
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Tell me what you want
I'll pretend that it's his touch

You're my crutch
My second call
There when it can't be him
Just pick up
I'll close my eyes
Like you're who I wanna be with
You're my crush
My second call
There when it can't be him
For now
He's gone
So I'll move on
To my second call

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