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ATMA - Holographic Universe lyrics

1st verse - Beast 1333

They missiles flying guided
Inside a world divided
I'm a lead up the Resistance
That's already been decided
Nothing will divide us
Egyptians used to get around in gliders
Trapezoids abound
There's pounds of blood and guts inside us
Arizona Wilder said Diana was a sacrifice
Bringing in the age of Horus
Pentagrams have appetites
Slaughterhouses, Abattoirs
Meatworks, Cattle Prods
Depopulation and HIV by John Rappaport
Umbaba Samahongo, Jahbulons a strange god
Great architect of the universe in a space pod
Oak leaves, Fasces, Nazi's, and V signs
Symbolisms everywhere its all up in the designs
And every time a peace sign is thrown up thats the devils claw
Did you know there was a base under the Denver airport?
Art Bell, George Noory callers with they war stories
Hotlines from east of the Rockies with all the ghost's gory
Diabolic Scientologist sedated
L.Ron Hubbard mash potatoe brain the famous
Mother of the Darkness
Castle hallways are enormous
Near the village of Muno in Belgium
Next to farmers
They programmed children
Inside the walls of that satanic building
Referred to as the Castle of the Kings
By all the noble guilded
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Male Phallus, Upright Pillar and a Chalice
With a blindfold over the eyes and a balance
Theres cloudbusters, shooting quartz up at chemtrails
Applaud a vagabond dog as dog eat up your entrails
Iron up in Enfamil
High as hell of Seroquel
Depakotes a silent k**er
Rosicrucians loving hell
The Beast has risen
This underground this ain't commercialism
Women feeling good about themselves
Injecting botulism


You can't hide from telepathic mind control
You can't run, Draconians enslave your soul
Polar caps melt, you see the coming of Planet X
Reptilian beasts. they come to take our planet next
You can't see when so-called leaders hide the truth
You're not free - Illumitati holding the proof
Prepare for nuclear bomb blast the coming of armageddon
Strip the chip from your palm fast and send devils to heaven

LYRICS-2nd verse-Dr. iLL
Supreme Deities wit angels and demons, brain is misleadin, genetically spliced and altered and faltered for their convenience, outside they acquire galaxies- valiently rousing maladies, boundlessly founding falacies, bouncing across the boundaries of all dimensions... this sh**s perplexin, rift ya comprehension, open up ya third eye, and realize the herds blind, 6 billion sheeple all defenseless cattle to the evil after gold and human flesh our pagan sacrifices equaled, all these false gods,annunaki devils and shapeshifters like snakes slither hidden from our vision 'cept slates written in ancient times, they tried to warn us, but we didn't listen, olden wisdom banished by new systems of religion driven by the very lizards themselves, brainwashed society, illuminati in on the action wit full sobriety, the governments of earth undeniably serve the serpents, under the surface cold blooded politicians have hurt us, its urgent that we learn the purpose of this, prepare for holocaust ofbillions, kid, ya names on the list, the mark of the beast, unleashed within the physical realm exists the digits that spell the triple sixes of Hell, imprisoned in cells in underground labrynths some fell, that's where the demons be, Agharta colonies, the autonomy of atrocity, no theories or hypthesis its real as it gets, im tryna tell the population to unite as a set, its on!!!

3rd Verse
(I'll add 3rd Verse later it's not written in the description)

-4th verse---MARK DEEZ
I spit prophetic poems regarded in the omens of the ancient, mystic gifts in the midst like the spliffs, the mind's meditation, soul levitation, break barriers 2 solve the equation im hardly impatient look 2 the darkness calm 4 a spaceship, the entire human race basis in this oasis, a genetic experiment, we're a mixed breed it would seem and we're not aware of it. Religion is false, evolution is false, get down on ya knees & pray 2 the reptilian boss k**ing the cross.....Ma** media corruption, influence of the seduction, shapeshifters in the shadow behind the panel pushing the buttons, the Riley Martin authored novel The Coming of Tan, they done it once so what the f** does it matter if they done it again? As the cold attacks ya spinal cord I'm droppin vital thoughts we in the final war, millions of years ago they was on here on the globe with nukes k**in the dinosaurs, the prophecy from Annunaki 2 the illuminati they'll prolly body me for my philosophy....I rock the beat, it take more than you slimey snakes to topple me, I do a verse thats often tragic, conspiracy theory appear to me in this universe holographic with the thoughts of a master, throw a fit when I spit

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