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Beginning in 2002, Austin-based metalcore quintet At All Cost started working hard to record, book shows, and promote its political and social agenda to anyone who would listen. Texas audiences responded both to the music and the band's hard work, and by 2003 the quintet had affiliated itself with Fiddler/Imprint to release the Shattered Dreams and Bourgeois Schemes EP. In 2005 At All Cost became the first band with a release under the revitalized Combat imprint, the old metal label that had been home to bands like Venom and Megadeth. For their full-length It's Time to Decide, issued in September 2005, At All Cost's lineup included ba**ist Bobby Andrews, guitarists Mike Theobald and Trey Ramirez, drummer Grant Anderson, and vocalist/keyboardist Andrew Collins. ~ Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide

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