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ASTRAEUS - Pt III: Ghost of Clarity lyrics

As I look into the mirror it's all coming back to me now
Man of self preservation and disregard for another
Faint traces of anguish from you, who watches me fade away

Oh the pain that spewed from my heart
You deserved none of it, what is your name?

Tell me now, how have I hurt you?
Let me know for what it's worth...
Wrestling with these emotions (I must pay)
It's clear to me now

Betrayal of trust, I pulled you down
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Woven within my net, I let you drown
Stealing from you which is dear to your heart
It will never be the same

You've been waiting such a long time
To confront the ghost of your crooked past
Here I lay before you weakened and defenseless
Do with me as you see fit

I said k** me

(The choice is yours)
(You've been waiting such a long time)

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