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Ashley Tisdale - A Night To Remember lyrics

[Troy:] Guess now it's official
[Chad:] Can't back out, can't back out, no
[Gabriella:] Getting ready for the night of nights
[Taylor:] The night of nights, alright
[Troy:] Don't panic
[Chad:] PANIC!

[Verse 1]
[Jason:] Now do we have to dress up for the prom
[Zeke:] Dude I don't think we have a choice
[Kelsi:] Yeah, it's the night of all nights
Gotta look just right
[Martha:] Dressing to impress the boys
[Chad:] Do I want cla**ic or vintage or plaid
[Zeke:] Where's the mirror
[Jason:] I think this tux is too baggy
[Troy:] Too tight
It makes me look weird
[Gabriella:] Should I go movie star glamorous
[Martha:] Sa**y or sweet?
[Taylor:] Don't know but no one better wear the same dress as me
[Guys:] It's the night of our nightmares
[Girls:] It's the night of our dreams
[Guys:] It's too late to back out of it
[Girls:] Makeovers, ma**ages
[Guys:] Don't know what a corsage is
[Girls:] Been waiting all out lives for this

[Girls:] It's gonna be a night
[Guys:] Can't wait
[Girls:] To remember
[Guys:] Oh man
[Girls:] Come on now
Big Fun...alright
It's going be the night
[Guys:] I guess
[Girls:] To last forever
[Guys:] Lucky us
[Everyone:] We'll never, ever, ever forget

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[Sharpay:] Getting ready
[Ryan:] Get ready
[Sharpay:] Get, a-getting ready, ready
[Ryan:] Get ready
[Sharpay:] Getting ready
Here we go
Get, a-getting ready, go

[Verse 2]
[Mr. Evans:] Hey, you've been in there and hour, man
[Sharpay:] So...what should I do with my hair?
[Ryan:] Where's my shaver?
[Sharpay:] Ooh, I love it
[Ryan:] I look like a waiter
[Sharpay:] Should I fluff it
[Both:] It's getting
I already should be there
[Guys:] Her mother opens the door
I'm shaking inside
[Girls:] He's here, it's time, the hours arrived
[Guys:] Don't know why, her fathers staring me down
[Girls:] Where's my purse, lip gloss
Now I'm really freaking out
[Guys:] Then something changes my world
The most beautiful girl right in front of my eyes


[Verse 3]
[Guys:] Who's that girl, she's so fine
[Girls:] Who's that guy, I don't recognize
[Guys:] Who's that girl, she looks so good, yeah
[Ryan & Girls:] Guess you never really noticed but you probably should
[Everybody:] Big fun
[Guys:] On the night of nights
[Girls:] Alright
[Guys:] In the night of nights, tonight
[Everybody:] Let's dance
[Guys:] On the night of nights
You know we're going to do it right


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