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Ashley Slater - Don't Touch the Kitten lyrics

[Verse 1: Scarlett]
You think that you've got what I want but you ain't, little boy
Well, you really don't stand a chance
You're out of your league cause I only say yes to big boys
Keep your little friend in your pants
I'm sorry, I'm sure that you're a lovely boy
But I'm the kind of girl who needs a man
You might be rich, but I'm a b**h
So run away while you can

[Chorus: Scarlett & Ashley]
Never, don't you touch that kitten, no, no, no
Never ever touch that kitten, no, no, no

[Verse 2: Scarlett]
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Now roll up your tongue and put it back in your head
Wipe that silly grin off of your face
It's gonna be more than just your fingers get red
Boy, I'm putting you in your place
Do you really think that you could
Keep me happy and completely satisfied?
You can't afford, and I get bored
Now you're on the list of fools that tried

[Bridge: Scarlett]
Never, never have I ever
Never ever, never ever felt so sure
You're not the one, I think we're done
You can see yourself out the door

[Chorus: Scarlett & Ashley x2]

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